kerala PSC thulasi botany sample question and answers

Here is a sample question paper for botany from kerala PSC thulasi.

1. Entomophily is the pollination through:
(a) Birds (b) Animals
(c) Insects (d) Wind
2. The tissues that provides support to growing shoots
and leaves of plant body:
(a) Parenchyma (b) Schlerenchyma
(c) Collenchyma (d) Phloem
3. The tendency of plants to grow in response to the
influence of chemicals:
(a) Geotropism (b) Phototropism
(c) Chemotropism (d) None of these
4. The pigment imparts purple/blue colour to flowers:
(a) Xanthophyll (b) Anthocyanin
(c) Betacyanin (d) Haemoglobin
5. Ornithophily is the pollination through:
(a) Birds (b) Animals
(c) Insects (d) Wind
6. Zoophily is the pollination through:
(a) Insects (b) Wind
(c) Animals (d) Birds
7. The hard parts of the plant body is made up of the
(a) Collenchyma (b) Parenchyma
(c) Schlerenchyma (d) Phloem
8. Japanese art of flower arrangement:
(a) Origami (b) Ikebana
(c) Harakiri (d) Sudoku
9. The food materials from leaf are carried to various parts
of the plant body by:
(a) Phloem (b) Xylem
(c) Meristem (d) None of these
10. The tissues mainly responsible for food storage and
conduction of substances:
(a) Schlerenchyma (b) Parenchyma
(c) Collenchyma (d) None of these
11. The plant used in space vehicles to maintain the level
of oxygen:
(a) Chlorella (b) Azolla
(c) Cactus (d) Porella
12. Which is regarded as the basis of life?
(a) Cytoplasm (b) Protoplasm
(c) Chromosome (d) Gene
13. Penicellin was discovered in:
(a) 1908 (b) 1910
(c) 1915 (d) 1928
14. Xylology is the study of:
(a) Fruits (b) Wood
(c) Seed (d) Flower
15. Xerophytes are plants in:
(a) Deserts (b) Oceans
(c) Ponds (d) Rivers
16. The study of trees:
(a) Dendrology (b) Pomology
(c) Xylology (d) Oenology
17. Who is the father of the Theory of the Inheretance of
Acquired Charecters?
(a) Lamarch (b) De Vries
(c) Darwin (d) Johanson
18. Who is the father of Mutation theory?
(a) Darwin (b) Lamarch
(c) De Vries (d) Mendel
19. Who coined the word ‘Gene’?
(a) Gregor Mendel (b) Lamarch
(c) Johanson (d) Bateson
20. Stratosphere Giant, the tallest tree in the world, is in:
(a) USA (b) Russia
(c) China (d) France
21. Annual rings are helpful to determine the …….of trees?
(a) height (b) Genus
(c) Yield (d) age
22. The study of fruits:
(a) Sitology (b) Dendrology
(c) Trichology (d) Pomology
23. Sericulture is the cultivation of:
(a) Silkworm (b) Honey bee
(c) Garden plants (d) Prawn
24. Yellow revolution is related to the increased
production of:
(a) Oil seeds (b) Pharmaceuticals
(c) Wheat (d) Cement
25. Black soil is most suitable for the cultivation of:
(a) Jute (b) Wheat
(c) Rice (d) Cotton

1 (c) 2(c) 3 (c) 4 (b) 5(a) 6(c) 7(c) 8(b) 9(a) 10(b) 11(a) 12(b)
13(d) 14(b) 15(a) 16(a) 17(a) 18(c) 19(c) 20(a) 21(d) 22(d)
23(a) 24(a) 25(d)

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